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Tier List Updated for 8.16

Over the last patch, we analyzed if there would be any major changes with the introduction to the Monster Hunter debuff to Twisted Treeline. The conclusion: No. Running support composition is still very strong. However, it is important to be able to pick a hyper carry that can rush the completed jungle item of their choice. This bumps a few powerful hypers, who did not previously rush the completed jungle item due to power spikes, out of the meta (Kayle for example). Patch 8.16 introduced a few changes to certain tanks. Leona, Amumu, and Sion all received some pretty nice buffs, while champions like Trundle and Aatrox received nerfs. Damage runes also received a relatively significant nerf. We will begin monitoring the data behind some of these changes and find out how they affect 3v3.

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